Shiri Appleby Face Swaps with Heidi Klum (We Have the Pic!), and 12 Other Things We Learned from Her Phone

When Heidi asks you to face swap, you say yes.

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Ever wondered what's on your favorite celebrity's phone (ya know, in a non-weird way)? teamed up with Shiri Appleby to unlock some cellular secrets, and got details on the actress' unpublished Twitter drafts, personal calls, and even her lock screen photo. Let's collectively swipe right, shall we?

What was the last photo you liked on Instagram? "I just saw that Amanda Seyfried is pregnant! I liked a post about that, it seems like such wonderful news!"

Look at your camera roll—what was the last random thing you screen-grabbed? "I took a screen-grab from Instagram of these built-in bunk beds in the process of being made. We're in construction on our house right now. I was looking up cute kids rooms!"

What's the oldest photo on your phone? "Let me go all the way to the beginning...this is so funny, I don't even know how far this thing goes. Oh, the latest photo is from June 24, 2012—it's a picture of me and my mom at my brother's wedding!"

The newest? "I went to the David Hockney exhibit on Monday night, and that's the latest photo I have—from the event!"

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What's a Twitter draft you still haven't pushed send on? "A funny one I have is a Face Swap with me and Heidi Klum on Project Runway. I should publish that right now. I'm doing it right now."

The last song you played on Spotify? "We listened to Coldplay this morning while we were making breakfast."

What about your most *played* song? "I can be honest, and tell you it's probably the Doc McStuffins theme song. I sound really mom-centric, but I'm just going to be myself."

Who was the last person you called? "Jon, my husband."

What was the last think you Google searched? "I Google searched my holiday gifts because I'm trying to get them done. I ordered all my girlfriends Birchbox for six months. It'll be the gift that keeps on giving."

What do you have filed away in notes? "I take notes all day long—ideas for good stories, shopping lists, measurements of things. I literally have a million notes on my phone—things I need to do...movies I need to watch."

What's your phone's lock screen photo? A picture of my two kids, Jon, and me on Halloween. My daughter was Sky from Paw Patrol, I was Jasmine, and then my son and Jon were both Superman.

Open your alarm clock app: how many alarms are saved in there right now? 21.

How many unread messages are in your little red bubble email counter right now? 120.

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