A New 'Game of Thrones' Ad Reveals that Arya and Sansa *Definitely* Reunite This Week

*flails around in excitement*

Remember when the Stark family used to actually hang out together on Game of Thrones? And then they were cruelly ripped from each other's arms and this meme (opens in new tab) went viral?

Well it looks like the family is reuniting—with Sansa and Arya expected to come face-to-face this Sunday. While HBO's post-episode trailer didn't tease the reunion, a Sky Atlantic ad captured by a fan revealed that the sisters will meet for the first time in years.

The teaser itself has been removed from the internet (understandable considering the leaks (opens in new tab) HBO is dealing with), but it shows Arya and Brienne spar with swords while Sansa looks on shadily—which implies that the reunion might not be traveling pants-level cozy. But still...YAY!


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Mehera Bonner
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