Now That's A First Impression: Actress Jennifer Hudson Reveals a Little Too Much on Late Night TV

TV hosts, in this case Chelsea Lately, generally want their guests to divulge something never before heard or seen, but last night's wardrobe mishap made that expectation a little too real.

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson dropped by Lately to promote her latest film The Incredible Defeat of Mister and Pete, but the interview was off to an X-rated start when Ms. Hudson's sexy, front-zip leather skirt start to, well, unzip on national television. Chelsea, ever the comedian, immediately swooped-in and played-up the incident with repeated and exaggerated "Oh My God" and "We Need Back-up" shouts as she deftly re-zipped Hudson's skirt with actress' back to the audience.

This was the first time Jennifer Hudson and Chelsea Handler have ever met.

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