Now That's A First Impression: Actress Jennifer Hudson Reveals a Little Too Much on Late Night TV

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TV hosts, in this case Chelsea Lately, generally want their guests to divulge something never before heard or seen, but last night's wardrobe mishap made that expectation a little too real.

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson dropped by Lately to promote her latest film The Incredible Defeat of Mister and Pete, but the interview was off to an X-rated start when Ms. Hudson's sexy, front-zip leather skirt start to, well, unzip on national television. Chelsea, ever the comedian, immediately swooped-in and played-up the incident with repeated and exaggerated "Oh My God" and "We Need Back-up" shouts as she deftly re-zipped Hudson's skirt with actress' back to the audience.

This was the first time Jennifer Hudson and Chelsea Handler have ever met.

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