See 9 Gorgeous Rare Photos of Elizabeth Taylor

An inside look at beautiful moments from her teens to her later years.

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Elizabeth Taylor was basically always a goddess—and we get to see even more of the late icon in new, rare photos that will be on display as part of the exhibition "Grit and Glamour" at the Getty Images Gallery in London. From hanging out with James Dean on set to laughing with husband Richard Burton, take a peek at some of these historic moments.

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Here, a 16-year-old Taylor peers over the Thames on Westminster Bridge.

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Taylor adjusts the bow tie of actor Montgomery Clift at an LA premiere.

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Glamour shot—the 19-year-old looks every bit the Hollywood star.

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Playing around with James Dean on set for the movie Giant.

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A wedding photo from her big day with Richard Burton, her fifth husband.

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Taylor laughs as she is joined by her husband Richard Burton during a sex scene with Peter O'Toole for Under Milk Wood.

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Here, Taylor attends a party thrown by Princess Grace of Monaco with husband Richard Burton. She's wearing the Taylor-Burton diamond.

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With friends Whoopi Goldberg and Elton John at the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation benefit concert.

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