Pamela Anderson's Sons Aren't Happy About Her Decision to Go Makeup-Free

"They were just horrified."

Pamela Anderson.
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In recent months, Pamela Anderson has gained widespread praise for her decision to go makeup-free at various events and in numerous photos. But not everyone was on-board with her decision right away. The Baywatch star told Highsnobiety that her sons (and her team of agents) wanted her to have a "glam team" for the spring 2024 magazine photoshoot.

"My boys were like, 'Mom, you must have a glam team.' And my agents were like, 'You have to have a glam team! Where’s the stylist?' I go, 'I know how to put a dress on myself. I don't need someone buttoning up my blouse. I got this,'" Anderson said to the magazine. "And they were just horrified."

Anderson was unfazed, though, and she proceeded to do the shoot makeup-free.

Pamela Anderson at the 2023 Fashion Awards

Pamela Anderson at the 2023 Fashion Awards

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The actress shared a similar sentiment about the 2023 Fashion Awards in London, stressing in a Vogue France video that she didn't "need a stylist" or makeup at the event (via People). "I don't need a stylist. I don't have a stylist. I don't have a glam team. I'm just kind of doing this freestyle," Anderson said in the December video.

Last August, Anderson told Elle that she started going makeup-free when her longtime makeup artist, Alexis Vogel, died from breast cancer. She called her no-makeup journey "freeing, and fun, and a little rebellious too."

Still, Anderson doesn't mind going full-glam on occasion. She recently became the face of Smashbox Cosmetics' Photo Finish Primer, and yes, she wears makeup in the brand's ads.

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