An Animal Shelter Has Found Paul Rudd's Doggy Doppelgänger, And They Wanted Him to Adopt the Pup

This is as adorable as it is random.

Paul Rudd and son
(Image credit: Jeff Kravitz)

Last year, everyone was talking about how similar Paul Rudd and his son Jack looked at the Super Bowl.

But this year, it's not a human being the Ant-Man actor is being compared to—it's a canine.

An animal shelter in the town of Collierville, TN, recently became convinced that one of their dogs looks exactly like a dog version of Rudd. To prove it, they created a collage of photos of the dog and the human side by side, and posted it to Twitter.

They wrote, "While making love connections between pets and people today, we discovered one of our dogs is meant to be with Paul Rudd.

"We have nicknamed him Pawl Ruff.

"Paul doesn't have a Twitter handle, but @AntMan does.

"And honestly, what is more heroic than adopting a shelter pet?"

The tweet was posted on Valentine's Day, and the dog has now been adopted, though no word on whether this was by Rudd or not (I'm going to go with "no," sadly, although that would have made a great story).

The dog's actual name was Waffle House (Oh. My. Goodness.), and he's an Australian Shepherd mix.

His description reads: "I'm WAFFLE HOUSE, a male, 65 pound, Aussie mix! You may have seen me when I become internet famous after a follower created a photo mash up comparing all my expressions to Paul Rudd's. They started calling me Paul Ruff!

"Like Mr. Rudd, I'm a gentle, easy-going fella, the kind of guy you want to be your neighbor, best friend, or life long companion. Maybe I really am the canine version of Paul!

"I walk well on my leash; I'm affectionate, and kind, and love playing with other dogs; I am potty trained; I have long, thick and soft fur; I was such a good boy when the shelter gave me my bath; They tell me I'm a gem and any family would be lucky to have me"

I am crying of happiness that Waffle House/Pawl Ruff has found his forever home.

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