Project Runway Season Finale Part 1 Features a Whole Lot of Tears

Part one of Project Runway's finale featured one of our favorite moments of the season -- workroom visits.

Tim Gunn jetsetted across the country to visit the various designers in their respective workrooms as they worked to create a 10-piece spring collection in three weeks. THREE WEEKS! And the twist? The designers had to use unconventional materials (Justin made a gown entirely of test tubes). Designer Alexandra started crying at this point in the episode, but she promised it was tears of joy.

While the designers seemed to be steadily moving forward, and even looked somewhat well-rested, Tim' critiques were sharp and on point. And his feedback only got harsher as the designers returned to New York City. "Just make it work," he said as he fought back tears in the New York work room.

The designers were tasked with creating one last look for Tide shoppers, who love fashion and easy-to-wash fabrics. But first, designers Justin, Alexandria, and Helen had to show three polished looks from their respective collections to determine who would join Dom and Bradon at New York Fashion Week.

In the end, Justin and Alexandria were selected to continue on to New York Fashion Week, and Helen was sent packing. "You got it girl," Heidi Klum said before bidding Helen farewell. "We believe in you."

Next week -- we're off to New York!

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