Rihanna Posted a Pic of Her Baby Bump on Instagram

So happy for her.

(Image credit: Getty Images, Anthony Harvey)

Remember when we found out that Rihanna is pregnant and we all collectively lost our minds? Of course you do, because it was literally this week. And if even my dad has heard the joyous news, I'm gonna take a wild guess that you have too.

Anyway, I hope you're ready to stay on that emotional rollercoaster ride for a while longer, because RiRi is keeping the updates going.

After the most stylish announcement ever—when she literally just stepped out onto the street with partner ASAP Rocky while wearing a bump-bearing bright pink puffer jacket—the Fenty founder has posted a sweet photo of said bump on Instagram.

In the pic, Rihanna is wearing an oversized bright orange and turquoise sports shirt (I'm sure it's for a specific team and a specific sport, but I'll leave that detective work to the experts). She is holding the shirt up to show off her bump, with her hair in the same half-up, half-down style she wore for the announcement pics. Her caption reads, "how the gang pulled up to black history month." (She announced her happy news on Jan. 31 and Black History Month is February.)

Gigi Hadid, a mom herself, wrote, "three angels" with lots of emojis. Model Adwoa Aboah said, "Congratulations to the queen." Lizzo commented, "LETS GOOOOOOO." Other well-wishers included Iman, Christina Milian, Cara Delevingne, Nicki Minaj, Leomie Anderson, Yara Shahidi, and many, many more.

I would like to add my congratulations into the mix, and offer you this meme reposted by Mindy Kaling: Author Bolu Babalola tweeted, "Me today, about Rihanna," alongside stills from The Office. In said stills, Kaling's Kelly Kapoor tells Jim Halpert, "Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, they had a baby and they named it Suri, and then Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, they had a baby too, and they named it Shiloh, and both babies are amazing!" Jim asks, "Great! What's new with you?" And an unimpressed Kelly answers, "I just told you." LOL, same.

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