Jason Kelce Said "I'm Out on Honoring Kings" on 'New Heights' Days Before Brother Travis Met Prince William

Jason is so unserious, I love it.

Travis Kelce meets Prince William and Prince George
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Jason Kelce almost got brother Travis Kelce in trouble days before the latter met two future Kings.

On the June 19 episode of their podcast New Heights, the Kelces discussed Father's Day traditions around the world. Once they got to Thailand, Jason read out, "It's a day to honor both the King and fathers across the country. Traditionally, children present their fathers with canna lilies, a symbol of masculinity, and perform acts of respect such as kneeling at their feet."

The Eagles alum then said, "So I'm out on honoring Kings, 'cause—look, we're Americans. We don't do royalty. So f*** Kings, but I wouldn't mind [wife] Kylie [Kelce] kneeling at my feet."

While he said that, Travis was laughing nervously and gesturing at his brother to wrap it up and/or stop what he was saying entirely, suggesting that the meeting with royalty had already been planned at this stage.

"Not f*** Kings, but just not into it," Travis said. "Um, also, why are you into people kneeling at your feet?"

Jason quipped, "It's a sign of respect, it's Father's Day!"

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As I'm sure you already know, Prince William (future King no. 1) brought Prince George (future King no. 2) and Princess Charlotte to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour show in London over the weekend, and they took some selfies with the singer and her football-playing boyfriend backstage.

Hopefully, if William sees this, he'll have a sense of humor about Travis' badly behaved brother—but frankly, something tells me he would. Unless you think this man's dad dancing screams "can't take a joke." Feels unlikely.

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