Here’s What Was Reportedly Said on the Buckingham Palace Balcony Yesterday

The Queen was completely charmed by little Prince Louis’ rampant enthusiasm.

Queen Elizabeth Prince Louis
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Nobody could take the spotlight away from the Queen on her special day yesterday, but Prince Louis certainly provided ample entertainment as he stood next to his great-grandmother “Gan-Gan” on the Buckingham Palace balcony, taking in the 70-aircraft flypast above. His meme-worthy expressions ranged from utter delight to sheer horror as the planes flew overhead.

At certain points, Her Majesty and Louis spoke to one another, and a lip reader has revealed what the two said to each other as they interacted yesterday. Lipreader Kate Evans, according to The Mirror, said the young prince “appeared to ask his great-grandmother if there was more to come—as he raved on about helicopters and planes.” The outlet writes “it seems Louis didn’t stop peppering his great-grandmother with questions yesterday as they stood together on the balcony.”

For her part, the Queen seemed impressed with the presentation, and “during the incredible display by the Red Arrows, he [Louis] could be seen chatting intently with his patient great-grandmother about the aircraft.” The Queen “appeared charmed by the Cambridge children’s excitement, as she pointed out planes and helicopters that she thought they might be especially delighted by” and “was full of praise for his enthusiasm.” As a fleet of helicopters flew low over Buckingham Palace, she said “That’s our Air Force. The Apaches.”

Just a few steps away, Prince George told father Prince William “Dad, look at those planes. They are so big.” Charlotte’s reaction? “Amazing,” she said. And, as Kate Middleton told Louis how the planes formed a “70” in the sky—to honor the Queen’s 70-year reign—“the prince began to intently count on his fingers,” The Mirror reports. A proud Queen said of the formation, “That’s very clever. That must have taken a lot of practice.”

Going back to watch the flypast again now with this new knowledge!

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