Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Figured Out Their Kids' Christmas

The couples' two kids will be spending the holidays overseas.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner
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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas may be in the middle of a divorce that has been maybe less than ideal, but that doesn't mean they aren't prioritizing their kids this Christmas. And given the reason for the season—witnessing joy and wonderment on little ones' faces, what else?—it's just sort of a nice thing to see. Amicable splits are possible, folks!

The Game of Thrones actress and her soon-to-be-ex JoBro musician have settled on a very English Christmas and New Year's Eve celebration for their two daughters, according to paperwork obtained by PEOPLE. The two young girls—Willa and Delphine—will apparently spend time with Turner and her side of the family in the UK, before the girls return to New York on January 7th. According to those same documents, Jonas brought his daughters to England back on December 17th.

There has not been a comment from representatives for either party on the matter. Which makes sense: it's their business! It's the holidays! Maybe just let them live, you know?

Still, because this is the nature of celebrity news (the thing I am currently being paid to write, that you are reading right now: hello there, friend!), it is also of interest to the many fans of both parties involved (and casual fans of celebrity gossip in general).

So here we are now, just me and you, reader and writer, wandering through this mountain of roughly 250 SEO-riddled words together, finding solace in the fact that somewhere out there, a pair of kids are hopefully muddling through their first Christmas of divorce together, managing a bit of joy wherever and whenever they can.

'Tis the season, am I right?

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