Sophie Turner's Love Life Is Back In the Headlines Post-Joe Jonas Divorce

A source close to the actress spoke out about Turner's relationship status.

Sophie Turner and Peregrine Pearson
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Well, Sophie Turner is certainly enjoying her newly single glow-up, although we're not sure that single label will be sticking for much longer.

Turner was the subject of numerous headlines in September, when she and soon-to-be-ex-husband Joe Jonas were battling for custody of their children. Jonas filed for divorce on September 5, and Turner took him to court soon after, claiming that he had withheld their children's passports so they couldn't return to the U.K., where she is from. Turner further claimed they had specified that England would be the permanent residence for the children.

The matter was settled quickly, with the couple sharing custody for the coming months as the divorce proceeds.

Since then, Turner has been spotted around New York, frequently with her new bestie (and fellow Jonas ex) Taylor Swift. Turner was also soon spotted with Peregrine Pearson, and the romance rumors circled and circled. Pearson, by the way, is the heir to the 4th Viscount Cowdray, a county in Sussex.

Pearson and Turner were first linked in late October, when they were spotted engaging in some French kissing in Paris. (Appreciating the culture, perhaps?)

Since then, they've gotten even bolder in their romance and were photographed making out in London last week. Just like her bestie, Swift, Turner really seems to like a "London Boy"!

The pair were seen strolling together, wrapped up for the winter cold, and simply enjoying one another's company.

A source close to the pair told Us Weekly that Turner "really seems to like spending time with Perry" and that they've "become progressively closer."

When questioned on how serious things are getting, the source said it is "too soon to tell if there's long-term potential" but did mention that "things might be headed that way."

As for Jonas, he has not been linked to anyone specific so far, but was photographed partying on a yacht with a large group of friends. So he seems to be enjoying his new-found singledom as well!

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

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Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift

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