Suki Waterhouse Opened Up About Being "Very Lucky" Living With Robert Pattinson


Suki Waterhouse performs onstage during weekend one, day three of Austin City Limits Music Festival at Zilker Park on October 08, 2023 in Austin, Texas
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Suki Waterhouse just revealed some adorable details about why she finds living with boyfriend Robert Pattinson so lovely.

The actress and singer appeared on the latest episode of the Apple podcast Driven Minds, and was asked to introduce herself. Off the bat, Waterhouse eschewed any mentions of her career or where she's from, and led with this:

"My name's Suki Waterhouse," she said. "I am an incredibly messy human, which you might not be able to see behind me, but it's gotten so bad that I had a professional cleaner come in yesterday—like a professional organizer, like someone that's just professionally out of their mind, and comes over and just labels—puts all of your jeans color-coded and lines them up."

She went on to explain why her home is so messy right now, even more so than it would naturally be for her.

"I've been having such a crushing weight of anxiety, 'cause I've moved. I wasn't there for the move, so everything just got boxed up and sent," she said.

"It's been like six months of not really unpacking, and I feel like I can't even make more music, or another album, until I have some sort of sense of, like, order going on."

All of this upheaval happened for a sweet reason: because she moved in with Pattinson recently.

"I've moved in with my boyfriend now and I always used to live alone," she said. "I just went past my house last night, my old apartment which I spent like eight years in and suddenly was getting like the heartburn for that street ... I was like, 'I can't believe I'm not there anymore, and now I have to consider someone else.'"

Adorably, though, Waterhouse explained that her boyfriend doesn't mind her messiness at all.

"I'm very lucky, because he is so accepting of the mess and the chaos," she said. "He never says anything about it. He kind of thinks it's, like, charming, so I'm very lucky for that."

The two have been dating for about five years, having first been photographed holding hands back in 2018, per People. We love love :)

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