Do Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Coordinate Their Outfits on Purpose?

We've noticed it quite a few times as of late.

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift
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It's been quite the week for Taylor Swift (isn't it always?). She was named TIME's 'Person of the Year,' her Eras Tour is officially the highest-grossing music tour in history, and she turned 34 today.

While waiting for this big party that boyfriend, Travis Kelce, is supposedly throwing, Swift went out for dinner with some friends. She appeared to meet up with Miles Teller and his wife, Keleigh Sperry, who are featured in the "I Bet You Think About Me" music video and even once joined Swift for one of Kelce's Kansas City Chiefs games. (He plays tight end for the team.) Then, the trio met up with long-time bestie Selena Gomez and headed to Zero Bond in Manhattan, which seems to be a Swift favorite.

Swift was bundled up against the cold in a tan leather trench coat. She wore gorgeous platform loafer boats with a large gold accent, and matched her purse and jewelry to this.

Swift's hair was swept up in a casual updo, and she glittered in a golden smoky eye and her signature red lipstick. (We're glad that this red lipstick isn't just reserved for Chiefs games!)

But what really caught our eye is the similarity in Gomez and Swift's outfits. Gomez was also wearing a belted, buttoned coat, although hers was a standard black winter coat. They both wore chunky black ankle boots, and appeared to be wearing some kind of black dress with black tights underneath. This can't just be a coincidence, right?

We'd think that this was a special dress code for the night if it weren't for Teller and Sperry dressing very differently, and for how often this "accidental" matching has occurred.

Just a few days before, Swift and Gomez headed out for dinner in similarly toned outfits. Gomez wore a snakeskin miniskirt and matching long jacket with tall black boots. Swift also wore a miniskirt, but in tweed, and wore long burgundy boots.

On their last big girl's night out with the squad — including Brittany Mahomes, Gigi Hadid, and Sophie Turner — the two friends were holding almost identical black handbags and wore a belted look, although the rest of their outfits did differ.

We love seeing Swift and Gomez out together, as they always look so happy and close. You'll notice that they're almost always holding hands or have their arms tucked into one another. We really hope they are coordinating outfits and that they message one another to check the dress code before going anywhere!

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift

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As for the other guests at the early birthday dinner, Sperry wore a dark navy blue wool coat with a mini plaid skirt that is very similar to what Swift often wears, and added to the mix a classic Chanel bag. Clearly outfits were discussed in the Teller household before coming out, as Teller matched his wife in navy blue, gray, and white flannel and a navy blue baseball cap.

However, last night also marked the annual "A Year in TIME" gala, with star-studded guests in attendance including Kristen Kish, Padma Lakshmi, and Alex Newell. Many fans were surprised to see that Swift didn't attend, given that she was the magazine's "Person of the Year." It seems Swift chose an early birthday dinner with friends, and we can't really blame her!

Taylor Swift, Miles Teller, and Keleigh Sperry

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Taylor Swift

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