Travis Kelce's Christmas Gift from Taylor Swift's Brother Was Truly Perfect

"It made me feel like a child."

Travis Kelce
(Image credit: New Heights Podcast/YouTube)

Nothing quite cements a relationship like a bromance between brother and boyfriend, don't you think? So we have to ask: did Travis Kelce and Austin Swift just become best friends at Christmas? The Kansas City Chief star revealed the fantastic gift his girlfriend Taylor Swift's brother got him this year and we have to say, he really sorta nailed it.

The brothers Kelce spent part of the holiday-centric episode of their New Heights podcast chatting down the best gifts the family members received this year, and Jason Kelce's wife Kylie, brought up the gift that touched Travis (complete in a hickey-hiding mock turtleneck pullover) the most.

When asked about what made their holiday so special, Kylie Kelce teased that she was "tempted to pick on" Travis, before admitting that Taylor Swift's brother Austin, showing up in a Santa suit to the Chiefs' game, complete with a sack of gifts and all.

"That was a full commit, and I respect that," Kylie said. Travis agreed, adding that Austin "killed it."

"And he actually made me feel like a child," Travis noted about the gift, "because his gift to me was straight out of the bag. It was in the Santa sack, he whipped it out and handed me a VHS of my favorite football movie of all time."

The gift in question? A VHS of Little Giants, the 1994 film about two brothers' rival youth football teams. All together now: awwwwwww!

"Santa killed it," Travis explained.

Of course, Austin and Taylor, weren't the only Swifties in Kansas this year. The duo were joined by their parents, Andrea and Scott Swift, as well as Austin's girlfriend, Sydney Ness. A family affair all around, no? Sounds like some seriously committed (and seriously sweet) stuff.

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