Travis Kelce Just Filed 5 Trademarks, And Fans Think Taylor Swift Is Giving Him Business Advice

The singer has about 50 (!!!) trademarks to her name.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
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Travis Kelce (AKA Taylor's boyfriend, IYKYK) has just filed five separate trademarks: for his full name, his social media name KillaTrav, his catchphrase "alright nah," "Flight 87" after his jersey number, and his cereal brand Kelce's Krunch.

The move feels a little too well timed when you consider his blooming relationship with Taylor Swift, and fans think she must have given Kelce a touch of business advice along the way.

"The filings claim that Taylor's boyfriend will use the trademarks to offer pins, posters, bobbleheads, clothing, and even a cereal," trademark attorney Josh Gerben wrote on Twitter.

"Wonder if our girlie is giving him some advice," commented one person.

"Perks of dating one of the best businesswoman there is," said someone else.

"Sounds like he's been talking to the TM queen," added another.

Meanwhile, another person joked, "He should have trademarked 'Taylor's boyfriend.'"

This tongue-in-cheek moniker is what some fans have started calling him. Kelce always has a great sense of humor about it, which makes people like him even more.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

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The reason people think Swift may be behind this new move for Kelce is that she has a long history of fighting for the rights to her work—which is why we're getting all those Taylor's Version re-releases in the first place.

The singer is also no stranger to trademarking (the understatement of the century). According to the intellectual property law firm Michael E. Kondoudis' blog, Swift has some 50 trademarks to her name (fifty! Five zero!), and has filed over 350 trademark applications in her time.

She owns trademarks for her full name, her initials, the names of her tours, the names of her albums, the name of her fan club, several song titles, and selected song lyrics. So she was probably shocked to hear that Travis Kelce hadn't trademarked "Travis Kelce."

As for the NFL pro's business plans, he has been open about doing his best to keep his avenues open so that he has many projects in progress when he retires from football. Among other things, he said back in June (via CBS Sports), "I could sit there, talk football, and make it relatable (in a future job). I could get into the scheme of things. I could make it make sense to the people who are just now getting into it. And I could bring the juice."

As you probably know, Kelce also has a podcast with brother Jason, and recently appeared on Saturday Night Live, so he definitely already has options.

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