Travis Kelce "Will Square Up to Anything and Anyone" for Taylor Swift, Expert Claims

That's hot, sorry.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift
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Travis Kelce may be Taylor Swift's boyfriend, but he's also her makeshift bodyguard.

This, according to one body language expert, was totally evident a couple weekends ago, when the popstar and Chiefs tight end were spotted on two date nights in a row in New York City.

The first date came after their respective cameos on Saturday Night Live, and the second was a more private dinner date on the Sunday. On both nights, the lovebirds were spotted sweetly holding hands—but Inbaal Honigman says this wasn't "regular hand-holding," as she puts it in an interview with the Mirror.

"This is a subtle way for him to show that he's ready to defend her, and he's keeping her secure behind him," she explained, looking at a photo from the Saturday night.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

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"Walking ahead is the athlete's way of letting his hitmaker girlfriend know that he'll square up to anything and anyone for her," Honigman said, and OMG, I can't handle this.

"As he leads her forward, we see him lower his head so that his ear is near her mouth. This shows that he's making an effort to listen to her and not miss a word. He's paying full attention to his lady," the expert continued. Honestly, what a perfectly behaved man.

Also, Honigman noted that the Midnights singer totally trusts her new beau, as evidenced by her lowered gaze. "If she had been tense or nervous at all, she would be looking straight ahead, minding her step, but she's confident that he's leading her safely and carefully," the expert said.

Aside from just these photos, Marie Claire has already reported that Kelce asked Swift's actual security guard to step aside that night, because he could basically handle things. Commenting on this later on his podcast with brother Jason Kelce, he said, "I feel like whenever I’m on a date, I’m always having the sense of like, I’m a man in the situation, I’m like protective, yeah, for sure."

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