Bradley Cooper Doesn't Need to See to Cook an Amazing Meal

Can we hire him as our personal chef?

Getty Images

When celebrities take control of other celebrities, wonderfully weird things happen—see Neil Patrick Harris and Britney Spears, and now Bradley Cooper and Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen had Bradley on her show, where the two did a cooking game to raise money for breast cancer research. And it got pretty physical—and super hilarious: Bradley was Ellen's hands during the demo, literally. He fed her, made her juggle vegetables, and got her whole body moving while kneading dough—it's fantastic:

Before the two got to cooking, they had a nice sit-down interview, too. They talked about Clint Eastwood feeding squirrels on the studio lot (Bradley did a spot-on impression to illustrate) and the fake baby Cooper used as his child in American Sniper. Ellen called out the Oscar-nominee for his particularly strange strategy for making the plastic doll look like it was alive...and he could barely keep himself together talking about it:

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