People Won't Stop Obsessing Over Kate Middleton's Fingers

Today in royal news...

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Despite her history of suffering from acute morning sickness, Kate Middleton has managed to make her way around the globe while pregnant with her third child. All eyes have been on the royal for her style (often compared to that of her future sister-in-law Meghan Markle), and now people are focusing on one very specific part of her body: her fingers. Yes, her fingers.

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While Middleton visited a primary school in Oxford, people began to focus on her perfectly-aligned, same-length index, middle, and ring finger. Necessary reminder: Everyone is born unique, and just because she's a royal doesn't make her any less human. But here we are.

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Relative finger lengths have been predicted to be an indicator for mental disorders like schizophrenia and illnesses like heart disease. There's even a study that focuses on increased spatial cognition and athleticism, but nothing is definitive—a.k.a. let's stop criticizing Kate's fingers, which, by the way, look totally different in other photos, not that it matters!

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