Kerry Washington Just Hosted a Goodbye Dinner for the 'Scandal' Cast and Crew

It's the end of an era.

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It's hard to believe, but Scandal is finally coming to an end. After seven seasons, dozens of murders, and an unforgettable on-again-off-again affair with President Fitzgerald Grant III, Olivia Pope is bowing out. And Kerry Washington is celebrating everyone involved in making the hit show before Season 7 of Scandal comes to an end.

In a super cute Instagram, Washington shared a photo of the entire cast and crew of Scandal having dinner together. Clearly, the team is a tight-knit family:

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Washington revealed the reason for the sweet dinner party:

"In season 2 @jeffperryreal suggested that we, as a cast, take our beloved @scandalabc writers to dinner as a gesture of gratitude. It became a beautiful annual tradition. Last night was our last one ever. OMG. It all begins with the words. And we will miss these words and these writers with all our hearts... It was a gorgeous night."

As for how Scandal Season 7 will end, the cast has been tight-lipped. Speaking at the Vulture Festival in Los Angeles in November 2017 (via Deadline), members of the cast mused about what sort of ending their characters deserved. President Grant himself, Tony Goldwyn, said, "Do these horrible people deserve a happy ending?" Sure, he laughed after saying it, but is he right? And he clarified his question by adding, "If it does happen, they are going to have to earn it—a redemption has to take place in order for it not to be an old-fashioned, contrived happy ending."

And Washington was sure of one thing regarding the ending of Scandal: "Shonda will be happy. I don’t know if anyone will be happy with the ending, but I know Shonda will be!"

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