Meghan Markle Will Watch Bestie Serena Williams Play in the Wimbledon Final

Kate Middleton will be there too!

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Still reeling from Kate Middleton's surprise appearance at RAF Centenary (opens in new tab) earlier this week? Same—which is why I'm kinda, sorta freaking out about the fact that the Duchess is reportedly attending Wimbledon tomorrow with Meghan Markle. In the ladies' first-ever solo outing, Middleton and Markle will watch Serena Williams (opens in new tab) battle it out in the women's singles final. Williams gave birth to her first child (opens in new tab), daughter Alexis, just 10-and-a-half months ago, and is already back to being the best in the sport. Casual.

Kensington Palace took to Twitter yesterday to confirm the news of the Duchess' appearance. "The Duchess of Cambridge, @Wimbledon Patron, and The Duchess of Sussex will attend the Ladies' Singles Final on Saturday 14th July #Wimbledon," the post read (opens in new tab). And if a one-on-one with Middleton and Markle wasn't iconic enough in itself, Meghan is close friends with Serena Williams (opens in new tab), which means the ladies will (likely) bring their cheering A-game.

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In her now-defunct blog, The Tig, Meghan repeatedly cited Williams as one of her best friends. "She quickly became a confidante I would text when I was traveling, the friend I would rally around for her tennis matches, and the down to earth chick I was able to grab lunch with just a couple weeks ago in Toronto," she wrote (opens in new tab). Williams attended Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding (opens in new tab) in May.

Here's hoping we get some awesome (read: non-robotic (opens in new tab)) photo ops of Meghan and Kate on Saturday! And good luck to Serena!

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