There's More Good News for Steven Avery's 'Making a Murderer' Case

Key witnesses are coming forward, his lawyer says.

As Brendan Dassey faces freedom in a matter of weeks, there could also be more good news for his uncle Steven Avery, who is currently in prison for the 2005 murder of Theresa Halbach. As outlined in the popular Netflix series Making a Murderer, Avery was charged with the murder of Halbach under bizarre and controversial circumstances.

After the series became a surprise hit, Avery's post-conviction has remained in the national news as his new lawyer Kathleen Zellner continues to fight for his freedom. Last month, Zellner filed a motion that investigators framed Avery and is trying to prove it using sophisticated DNA testing that was not available at the time of the trial.

"We're going to take the mystery out of this case," Zellner told ABC News. The defense requested carbon testing be done on the blood found in Halbach's vehicle, which Avery's attorneys argued had been taken from an old sample and placed in the car. "This new test has the ability to tell us how old the blood is. If the blood is from 1996, it was planted."

Now, according to Zellner, this new round of testing has convinced crucial witnesses in the case to come forward.

While details about who these witnesses are and why this testing has convinced them to come forward are unclear, Dassey's overturned conviction has put a new hope in Avery's defense. In mid-August, a judge wrote that Dassey's confession for his involvement in Halbach's murder was obtained under unethical conditions—something his defense had long maintained.

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