North West Has a 7-Year-Old Boyfriend Who's Already Getting Her Tiffany & Co. Gifts

North West Has a Boyfriend on Instagram

North West
(Image credit: Instagram)

North West, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's 5-year-old daughter, already has a boyfriend...or at least a guy friend who's trying very hard to win her little heart. Caiden Mills, rapper Consequence's 7-year-old son (opens in new tab), has shared several photos of him pursuing the object of his affection on his Instagram. He made their relationship Instagram official. He took her on a date two days ago. He got her a Tiffany & Co. gift—presumably with his allowance and a lot of help from his parents.

The Tiffany & Co. gift selection was documented in two Instagrams posted on February 6: "Shout out to Northie, Babygirl I’ll see you soon 😘😘😘," he wrote in one shot of him posing with his Tiffany & Co. bag.

"She’s gonna LoVe It😘😘😘 Wrap that up sir, I’ll take it 💸💸💸," he wrote in the second one.

Caiden is a confident guy. Even though North has no Instagram, he declared them a thing on his Instagram. (It may be more wishful thinking than a reality.) "Boo’d Up," he proudly proclaimed in one shot of him with an arm around North:

And Saint West already has to be a third wheel on North's dates with Caiden. "North, Saint and I had the BEST time on our play date at @exploratorium It was so much FUN 🤗🤗🤗," Caiden wrote of their group outing. Saint looks ecstatic. North looks content.

Caiden seems well liked by North's parents. He posted a shot with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on December 3. "Kim and Kanye treated me to dinner last night! 😊😊😊," he humble-bragged.

But Caiden hasn't only ever pursued North. He previously had a public crush on Nicki Minaj. He made a song called "Dream About Nicki" about her, she followed him on Instagram, and they've hung out in real life before. She's taken (opens in new tab), so it didn't work out romantically. Clearly he's moved on.

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