HBO Hilariously Owned Up to the Coffee Cup Mistake in Sunday's Episode

"Westeros was the first place to actually have Starbucks."

Note: this article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones (opens in new tab) episode "The Last of the Starks." The talk of Game of Thrones this week isn't exactly something its creators had envisaged. Yes, we're still pretty devastated by the deaths of Rhaegal (opens in new tab) and Missandei (opens in new tab), but what everyone has really been chattering about is that Starbucks cup (opens in new tab) mistake.

Well, one of the show's producers has apologized for the error. Bernadette Caulfield told All of It with Alison Stewart (opens in new tab): "I can't believe [it happened]—our on-set prop people and decorators are so on it, a thousand per cent.

"Nowadays, you can't believe what you see, because people can put things into a photo that doesn't really exist, but I guess maybe it was there!" She went on to joke: "We're sorry! Westeros was the first place to actually have Starbucks—it's a little-known fact.

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"There's always something. I guess if that's the worst thing that they're finding, we're in good shape. Starbucks, send us money!"

In a statement issued yesterday, HBO owned up to the mistake on the official GoT Twitter account, joking that Daenerys had actually "ordered an herbal tea":

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Starbucks, of course, also couldn't resist chiming in:

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With fans distracted by the coffee cup, many failed to notice that showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss had a cameo (opens in new tab) as a pair of Wildlings in the same scene.

"I was concerned we were going to ruin that [scene], but I don't think we did," Weiss said afterwards.

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