Everything Tyler C.'s Instagram Reveals About 'The Bachelorette' Star's Post-Show Life

His abs? Still fantastic.

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Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season isn't over yet, but shooting has wrapped and fans are keeping a close eye on the contestants' social media pages for any spoilery hints about who won the season. Did she pick someone? Are they engaged? I must know!! To be honest, everyone connected with this season has being very quiet, so it's been challenging to get any insights as of this moment. But I am keeping my eyes glued to Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron's Instagram to see if my my favorite bachelor ends up with the cutie from Alabama. Here's what I discovered thus far, and I'll update with more info when I spot it.

He just started following Gigi Hadid.

Update, 7/24/19: Welp, this is kind of not great news for anyone except Gigi HadidUs Weekly spotted that Gigi followed Tyler, and then a few minutes later he followed her back. And, listen, I fully recognize that this could mean all of nothing—people connect all the time on the platform. Demi Lovato and Mike Johnson are currently flirting up a storm, which doesn't necessarily mean anything. But fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that a) Tyler must be single, otherwise why would he be connecting with the gorgeous model, and b) no Bachelor fan can compete with Gigi, so we're all doomed.

That's some big speculation: All we know for sure at this moment, without looking at spoilers, is that Tyler is still in the running for Hannah's heart. What happens in the two-part finale, or after that, is anyone's guess until we see officially next week. But, looking at the speculation, it certainly isn't in line with a potential show ending of "Tyler and Hannah in love forever and ever" for him to be connecting with gorgeous ladies on Instagram. I can certainly see how it might be a, shall we say, bad sign, but there's probably no need to read too much into it...yet.

Original post, 6/10/19:

Tyler's been quiet on the "liking" front.

One of the interesting thing about former Bachelor Colton Underwood (and by interesting I mean a bit eyeroll-inducing) is that he was a bit spoiler-y on social media—liking some of Cassie Randolph's posts, becoming friends with her on Venmo, and straight up following her sister's boyfriend—leading fans to conclude that they ended up together. Both Tyler and Hannah haven't liked each other's posts or connected on Venmo, so they're not giving away anything about their post-show relationship if there is one. I'd love more hints, but I'm impressed at their restraint. Tyler follows her, but she doesn't follow him back (she doesn't follow any of the bachelors, though, so don't read too much into that).

He's back to chilling with friends and family...and Hannah?

It's interesting. Sometimes contestants can get criticized when they go off and party/relax after they go on the show—despite the fact that the experience can, according to many, be exhausting and stressful. Tyler is no exception: He's back on a boat with his brother, captioning the photo "Getting back to the basics... boating and dancing." Bringing along his incredible abs, of course.

Commenters speculated that Hannah is also in the photo to his right, our left, just out of frame, which I would love.

And he's been golfing.

If you don't follow Tyler on Twitter, you probably should, because he's hilarious. In this case, he shared his scorecard, saying, "please excuse my caveman hand writing."

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Any guesses as to whom "BM" refers to? We know B. is the first initial of Hannah's last name...so...??

He's totally interacting with Bachelor Nation.

Especially when they're being funny or snarky, or when it pertains to an inside joke:

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Also, he has really good taste, in a non-Bachelorette context:

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Now we know he's catching up on his shows post-Bachelorette!

He's been supportive of the other bachelors.

I have come around to really enjoying John Paul Jones' special brand of quirky weirdness, and Tyler is also a fan: 

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Tyler also liked this post from fellow bachelor Jed Wyatt:

Which is actually really sweet, considering that on the show they're technically competitors. And Jed has liked a bunch of his posts in return. One of the things I've loved of recent Bachelorverse seasons is how much the contestants end up bonding and staying friends after the show, and it looks like some of the guys ended up really enjoying each other's company.

Well, most of them.

Tyler retweeted this particularly, erm, pointed analysis of the one and only Luke Parker, a.k.a. the most divisive bachelor this season:

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Well, we know how Tyler feels! He's been quiet(er) on the show about Luke in contrast to some of the others, but rumors from the show are that the majority of the other bachelors had a tough time with him.

Tyler had a similar reaction to Cam, the "pity rose" guy:

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That was also my face. 

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