Who Brings Hannah Brown an Engagement Ring on 'The Bachelorette'?

In upcoming previews, there are major hints that one contestant, who'd been sent home, purchased a ring and came back to propose to Bachelorette Hannah Brown. Who is this mystery man? Did he really buy a ring and crash the show? I must know!

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Spoilers for this season of The Bachelorette aheadIn upcoming previews, there are major hints that one contestant, who'd been sent home, purchased a ring and came back to potentially propose to Bachelorette Hannah Brown (who, predictably, begins crying anew from all the crazy drama her men have served her this season). Who is this mystery man? Did he really buy a ring and crash the show? I must know! There's no clarity yet, either from the show or any known spoilers, but allow me to speculate as to who it might be. We also already have some insight from Bachelorverse expert Reality Steve, whose answer is not what you'd expect.

Update, 7/22/19: The mystery bachelor-with-a-ring is definitely Luke, and he definitely crashes the rose ceremony and won't leave after Hannah asks. It's...not great, and the preview for next episode gives a little insight into the scene. Yes, the ring is reportedly a producer plant, and it's unknown if Luke actually gets down on one knee, but we do know that Luke essentially rejects Hannah's dismissal of him in the previous episode. He comes back with the notion that he's somehow...proving to Hannah that he still wants to be with her (I think you have missed the point, sir). Luke is so insistent that the other men have to physically help Hannah eject him:

A Reddit spoiler who was at "Men Tell All" got into more detail about exactly what happened.

When [H]annah arrived at the rose ceremony and saw him there she was pissed and tried to make him leave. Again he refused to leave. It got so bad that she had to pick up the fucking rose stand and move it to get away from him and use her body to block him out. [T]he other 3 guys eventually stepped in to help make him leave.

So basically, think of the most romantic proposal of all time, then think of the exact opposite of that. That's what happened.

Luke will get the chance to speak his mind (which won't be a challenge for him) on "Men Tell All," but apparently he filmed with Chris Harrison for two hours and was fully unapologetic about his behavior. Yikes.

Original post, 6/19/19: 

It may not be next episode.

So far, we haven't seen a contestant (at least that I've seen) who's felt like is just so in love with Hannah and has such amazing chemistry that he'd feel compelled to return with ring in hand. Although, considering the kooky bachelors this season...

It is Cam??

It's probably not. But he did crash a date that wasn't his! Also, Cam is potentially on Bachelor in Paradise, so, no. It's not him, but that would be hilarious.

Could it be someone from her past?


In episode 6/5b, Hannah mentions that she's only kissed five other guys. This seems like an interesting detail to include, considering she hasn't gone into her past before in any great detail. We know it's not Colton (lol), who's still dating Cassie, so that leaves four potential exes.

Could it be the controversial Luke?

This one makes a bit more sense, logically. Based on what we know of this season's spoilers, Luke gets sent home right after he has that uber-dramatic and very insulting conversation with Hannah about keeping sex "pure" and getting angry about her being with other guys. We're starting to see more footage from that, and we know she sends him home. We also know...drumroll...that he comes back after he's eliminated to argue his case. So this would be when he comes back with a ring, if he is in fact the mystery man.

It may, in fact, be no one.

Reality Steve reminds us that Colton Underwood was seen in promos cradling a ring box (it's a favored shot of Bachelor Nation producers), and it never happened for him—because he quit the show to pursue Cassie. So the same thing could happen here. Steve is convinced it's not Luke, or anyone else.

I would be surprised that producers featured it so heavily in previews only to pull the rug out from under us, but then again, they did just spend the last hour of episode 6/5b recapping a show that isn't over yet. So I could still see it being a false flag, perhaps.

There are hints that, if it happens, this might not be Hannah's only proposal. Here's what we know about her season.

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