Who Will the 'Bachelor In Paradise' Cast Be? Here's Every Detail So Far

Spoiler alert: There are a few controversial picks.

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Spoilers ahead for Bachelor in Paradise season six. Right now, we're still in the middle of Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season (there's a hefty amount of drama, so you should definitely be watching), but we're already getting some behind-the-scenes insight on the cast of Bachelor in Paradise. The bananas-crazy show returns to us on August 5, and promises to bring some fan faves and at least one very divisive character to the proceedings.

With less than two months to wait, what do we know so far about who'll be on the show? Bachelor expert Reality Steve, fans, hints from the show itself, and other outlets have all come together to give us some insight. Here's what we were able to find out so far.

Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson will get married on air.

Two big BiP fan favorites will apparently appear on the show—because they'll be getting married! Chris and Krystal are getting hitched, by Chris Harrison (lol), at the site of their first date at the Vidanta Hotel in Puerto Vallarta. Even better? Apparently, the wedding will not only serve as a little romantic interlude amidst the (likely) crazy drama of the show, but will also bring together some other members of Bachelor Nation from past seasons to commemorate the big event.

According to People (which has a photo of the pair in their wedding attire), "Former Paradise castmates and Bachelor stars were on hand, including Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon, Becca Kufrin and Ben Higgins, to witness the I Do’s."

So this is going to be a big season for cast members both past and present. Krystal also posted this photo, but it's unknown if it was taken on their big day (the dress looks different, so it's probably a throwback and also a hint to their wedding):

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Super cute! I can't wait to watch how it plays out on the show.

More names have been added!

On top of the initial list (below), there are some more contestants that Reality Steve currently knows about or has heard rumors of. It's unclear as of yet whether they are original cast members or will be injected into the mix once the show/drama is already in full flow. Here are those names:


  • Heather Martin (the young lady who went from "never been kissed" to "kissed by Colton" on last season's Bachelor. I'm hoping we can come up with different descriptors for her this go-round.)
  • Kirpa Sudick (Colton's season, got mixed up in some of that "which women are here for the wrong reasons" drama and intrigued fans when she mysteriously had a bandaid over her face for a whole episode because she accidentally split her chin open on some rocks)
  • Haley Ferguson (Ben Higgins' season)
  • Jen Saviano (also Ben Higgins' season)


    • Clay Harbor (Becca's season)
    • Derek Peth (JoJo's season, who actually got engaged in a previous Bachelor in Paradise but apparently is back for more! 'Bach' for more, more like. Sorry, that was terrible.)
    • Brooks Forester (Desiree's season, although this one is apparently a big maybe)
    • Christian Estrada (eliminated Becca's season night one, although again this one is also a big maybe)

      Also, apparently we should get a full original cast list from ABC soon.

      Tayshia's in!

      My faaaaavorite bachelorette from last season of The Bachelor—who was rumored to be considered as The Bachelorette—was spotted whizzing around in a golf cart. She's en route to some sort of Mexico-beach shenanigans, most likely.

      Dylan from The Bachelorette is in too.

      Welp, I guess we know how his time with Hannah Brown went. We haven't actually seen a ton of Dylan Barbour this season, but we know that he is part of SOME drama on the show. Chris Harrison said he was one to watch, so I'm waiting.

      Hannah G. is there!

      So the final two ladies from Colton's season are both in Paradise together looking for love. Intriguing! Lots of people loved Hannah Godwin, so I'm not surprised.

      We have an initial list of contestants—no footage yet, though.

      This, also per Reality Steve. As he is keen to remind everyone, though, this list is subject to change, and sometimes there are surprise guests that no one knows about in advance.


      • Caelynn Miller-Keyes (Colton's #4, who was totally blindsided to be sent home)
      • Nicole Lopez-Alvar (the one who cried a lot on Colton's season)
      • Onyeka Ehie (the one with a big personality who got into it with Nicole)
      • Demi Burnett (the, uh, controversial bachelorette from Colton's season who's since appeared on Hannah's Bachelorette season, a woman I quite love for always bringing the drama factor)
      • Sydney Lotuaco (who warned Colton that some of the ladies weren't there for the right reason when she went home)
      • Kristina Schulman (from Nick’s season)
      • Bibiana Julian (from Arie’s season)


        • Blake Horstmann (from Becca’s season)
        • Connor Saeli (the cute guy who left Hannah a bunch of notes when she was sick)
        • Cam Ayala (the "pity rose guy" on Hannah's season)
        • John Paul Jones (Hannah's super-quirky guy, although he's totally grown on me)
        • Kevin Fortenberry (Hannah's guy who got injured during the rugby match)
        • Box Joe Barsano/Old Matt Donald (two fan faves from Hannah's season who were eliminated night one, but were hilarious. Reality Steve speculates "one of them will be original cast, and the other will be joining later.")

          We may know general numbers and percentages for contestants.

          Again, turning to Reality Steve, (I'm quoting him directly here), looking at previous seasons can often help dictate what producers plan to do in future seasons. Since season 1, in which producers were probably experimenting with the format, the numbers have grown overall and usually include over 50 percent of contestants from the previous Bachelor/Bachelorette season:

          Season 1: 25 (12 girls, 13 guys) 11/25 44% (Juan Pablo’s women, Andi’s men)
          Season 2: 29 (16 girls, 13 guys) 17/29 59% (Chris’ women, Kaitlyn’s men)
          Season 3: 30 (16 girls, 15 guys) 20/33 61% (Ben H’s women, JoJo’s men)
          Season 4: 33 (16 girls, 17 guys) 23/33 70% (Nick’s women, Rachel’s men)
          Season 5: 35 (17 girls, 18 guys) 22/35 63% (Arie’s women, Becca’s men)

          "So it’s safe to say at least 60% of this year’s cast will be made up of Colton’s women and Hannah’s men," says Reality Steve.

          Thus far, we potentially know some of the contestants, thanks to the above, but that means there are plenty more to be announced or brought on later.

          TV Insider really likes the possibility of Mike Johnson (the charismatic, vocal heartthrob) on BiP, but honestly I would dig him more as The Bachelor. They also think Luke Parker should be on...which I'm less sure about. There's a villain edit to make a character look more aggressive than they actually are, and then there's the contestant who actually disrupts the show. Luke feels like the latter on The Bachelorette, currently, so I'm curious as to whether the producers would take a chance on bringing someone in like that. Then again, Luke posted on social media that he wasn't thrilled with his own behavior, so that's usually a good sign. Here's everything we know so far about that particular situation.

          We'll update when we know more!

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