Will 'Bachelorette' Star Mike Johnson Be on 'Bachelor in Paradise'?

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Spoilers for The Bachelorette ahead, as well as potential spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise. In episode eight, Bachelorette fans had to say goodbye to one of Hannah Brown's favorite bachelors this season: Air Force veteran and "happy at life" Mike Johnson. He was, understandably, devastated—and to be honest, so was Hannah, who echoed her own words during her Bachelor exit interview by saying that Mike deserves to be loved "fiercely." While I, and many other fans, would love to see Mike Johnson take on a very special role in the Bachelorverse, I'd love for Mike to continue on in the franchise in any capacity, because I dig his vibe and personality. So could we see him on that nutty, hilarious show, Bachelor in Paradise? Here's what I can gather so far, and we'll update when we know more.

He's not on the original cast list.

Obviously, Bachelor in Paradise wasn't going to spoil its own season by saying he'd be a part of the show—Mike was still a contender for Hannah's heart when the original cast was announced. A couple of the other bachelors from Hannah's season, though, are already there: Cam Ayala and John Paul Jones, with more potentially to come.

He could be a special guest.

Connor Saeli is one who apparently is joining the show—and Connor was eliminated along with Mike in episode 8.

But Reality Steve hasn't said anything about Mike in future episodes or drama. Again, this doesn't necessarily mean anything—and by now, shooting has probably wrapped on the show.

I'm not sure he's the right fit?

Based on what I've seen of past seasons and what I can tell from this one, the more dramatic, the better. BiP feels like the other two shows, squared—bachelors and bachelorettes who are living for the drama and really embracing the conceit of the show with open arms. Mike seemed like he was more about protecting his "guys," a.k.a. the other bachelors, and embracing every moment with Hannah.

Like, after being eliminated, Mike said on Instagram that he was super grateful and that "My future wife is going to be hated by all her friends bc she'll be treated as the queen I know she is 💯🌹." So again, that sounds more like Bachelor material than Bachelor in Paradise material.

So, I can't see it. But I will take more Mike on any Bachelor show, to be honest.

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