The New 2020 Emojis Are the Ones We've Been Waiting For

On Wednesday, Unicode Consortium, the governing body of emojis—okay, that's not their official title, but that's pretty much what they are—released a list of the new emojis of 2020: 117 brand-new icons that you can expect to hit your phone later this year. The additions include bubble tea, more gender-inclusive humans, a gravestone, a slightly jarring pair of lungs, and a placard that appears to read "Cash Only" (sure?), along with a small zoo's worth of new animals.

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The new collection of icons continues Unicode Consortium's push towards greater diversity in its symbols. Finally, a transgender flag and a transgender symbol have been added, as well as gender-nonconforming people that are simply (and refreshingly) described as "person" by Unicode Consortium—"person with veil," for example, or "person feeding baby." There's also a new Santa Claus that doesn't present as specifically male or female—"Mx Claus," as Unicode Consortium describes it. We also have a piñata, nesting dolls, bubble tea, and tamale. Plus, there's also a sweet new emoji of two people of indiscriminate sex or gender hugging.

Unicode Consortium have also trotted out the usual gift of new animal emojis—this time round, we have a beaver, a bison, a woolly mammoth, a polar bear, a dodo, and a black cat that Unicode Consortium describes as "unlucky" (oof).

My personal favorite? The teapot. (I'm from England; I don't make the rules.)

Teapot, Blue, Porcelain, Turquoise, Tableware, Serveware, Ceramic,
Emojipedia/Unicode Consortium

There's also this—a "smiling face with tear," apparently, which is meant to be "grateful" or "touched" but looks like its pleading for help with its eyes, to me.

Emoticon, Smiley, Smile, Facial expression, Yellow, Icon, Happy, Logo,
Emojipedia/Unicode Consortium

Also, this oddly realistic pair of lungs. I don't know if we needed this one, but you do you, Unicode Consortium, I guess.

Nose, Pink, Neck, Organ, Footwear, Human body, Mouth, Font, Human anatomy, Ear,
Emojipedia/Unicode Consortium

Here's a bison. Fun fact: I did not know this is what a bison looked like.

Animal figure, Wildlife, Terrestrial animal, Working animal, Bovine, Fawn,
Emojipedia/Unicode Consortium

Okay, this one is good.

Animation, Marine mammal,
Emojipedia/Unicode Consortium


Yellow, Food, Cuisine, Dish,
Emojipedia/Unicode Consortium

A gender-neutral person wearing a veil:

Head, Cartoon, Emoticon, Smile, Fictional character, Illustration,
Unicode Consortium/Emojipedia

Who suggested a cockroach? I do not need a cockroach.

Insect, Invertebrate, Pest, Arthropod, Beetle, Organism, Earwigs, Longhorn beetle, Termite, Parasite,
Unicode Consortium/Emojipedia

A "hook" emoji (yeah, I already know how this is going to be used):

Unicode Consortium/Emojipedia

The long-awaited, much-needed transgender flag.

Turquoise, Aqua, Line, Rectangle,
Unicode Consortium/Emojipedia

The hug!

Hand, Finger, Electric blue, Gesture,
Unicode Consortium/Emojipedia

Mx. Claus! (A month too late for this one, but sure! There's always next year!)

Cartoon, Fictional character, Santa claus, Smile, Illustration, Animation,
Unicode Consortium/Emojipedia

You can see the rest of the new emojis here.

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