Remember When Clare Crawley and Juan Pablo Galavis Were a Thing?

“I would never want my children having a father like you."

 Clare Crawley & Juan Pablo Galavis
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Clare Crawley, the lead on The Bachelorette this season (at least, for a while; more on that here), arrived on our TV screens back in 2014 as a contestant on Juan Pablo Galavis' Bachelor season. At the time, and certainly in the years since, he's become notorious as the worst Bachelor of all time—and, frankly, how he treated Crawley is a huge part of that. Thankfully, their time together also led to one of the most epic beat-downs in Bachelor history, as Crawley took all that pent-up rage and really let him have it. Let's revisit that glorious moment, and everything that led up to it. 

What happened to Clare on Juan Pablo's season?

Crawley was introduced to us all as the contestant who showed up with a fake baby bump. But she and Galavis had chemistry right off the bat, and even hooked up in the ocean in a very steamy moment. Then, Galavis had the absolute audacity to turn it around on her and shame her for what happened, saying that he didn't want his daughter to see what had happened between the two of them. (I know.) Which made Crawley cry and every Bachelor fan wonder aloud: Wait, but YOU chose to have sex on TV too, you asshole!

As for poor Crawley, that should have been a big red flag for what was about to come. The two also had a terrible, terrible final date: "So as the helicopter's landing, we have a rare moment together with no cameras, nobody there with us and Juan Pablo leaned over and whispered something to me," Clare later explained. "He chose to tell me something that no woman wants to hear. It was insulting, it was offensive and it just made me feel awful." Apparently, he told her he really didn't know her but added that he wanted to have sex with her when the show was all over. Yuck.

How did Juan Pablo's season end?

After all that terrible drama, Crawley came in second, and Galavis was predictably a jerk about unceremoniously dumping her. And finally, finally, after a season of indignities, Crawley had the opportunity to lay into Galavis ("I would never want my children having a father like you"—ouch). I have watched this 20 times today and plan on doing it a lot more:

Of course, Galavis listened to absolutely none of it, but fans cheered, and it pretty much cemented Crawley as a fan favorite. She went on to two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise and one season of Bachelor Winter Games. Galavis went on to be a sports consultant, and married Osmariel Villalobos in 2017.

What has Juan Pablo said about Clare becoming The Bachelorette?

Uh, nothing good. Not helping matters is that fact that Galavis' season was relived in its awkward entirety during Bachelor: Greatest Seasons of All Time, during which pretty much everyone dialed in to complain about how terrible he was. Anyway, when Crawley's promo aired, he took to Twitter to go off:

“Interesting PROMO of @Clare_Crawley and the season of @BacheloretteABC,” he wrote. “6 years LATER and I know WHO is the Juan that can’t get OVER Juan...Would LOVE if you take a GUESS? PS: Clare got over LONG time ago, just in CASE...”

Oh, and he wasn't done: "I just SAW the GUYS for @Clare_Crawley Bachelorette season and its gonna be INTERESTING seeing HER get hit on by KIDS on their 20s...I think this MIGHT be the 3rd SEASON Im gonna watch."

Crawley wrote back: "And yet here you are, older than 99% of them and still cant practice compassion and kindness..."

A round of applause, please.

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