Who Wins 'The Bachelorette'? (Spoilers)

With (hopefully) lots of delightful messiness.

Clare Crawley
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Spoilers for The Bachelorette ahead. Spring is here, and you know what that means—sure, the end of winter and budding flowers and baby animals, all of that, but also The Bachelorette! Now that Peter Weber's season is drawing to a close, we're waiting with bated breath for the next core edition of the franchise (I'm not counting Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart, I'm sorry). Alum Clare Crawley is reported to be the next Bachelorette, and with four previous shows, one engagement, and one viral raccoon moment under her belt, she's already well-known and well-loved by fans. Here's everything we know about who wins the season (when filming finishes, that is), and everything else Reality Steve fills us in on.

The pandemic has changed filming plans.

This is no surprise to basically anyone, but the producers and showrunners wisely decided that getting a whole bunch of people together and then flying them around the world wasn't safe in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Now, nearly two months after filming was slated to begin, we finally have some updates on the show—and you can let out that breath you were holding, Bachelorette fans, because the season's not being cancelled.

In an exclusive to Variety, ABC has confirmed what has been rumored for months: The show will film in mid-summer (Reality Steve guesses it to be June-July), in one central location TBD, and then the show itself will air in the fall. Producers are currently hunting for a place that's big enough, with enough stuff to do, so it doesn't get monotonous. The whole show cast and crew will be tested on the way in, then they'll basically be quarantined the whole time. Honestly, I have no idea what this is going to look like, but I'm watching for Crawley and the novelty of it all. It also means we might not get as many spoilers, but as always, we'll see.

TBD what this means for Bachelor in Paradise—probably cancelled this year, I'm afraid—and The Bachelor. For that show, it's likely that they'll pick someone from an old season, since we really won't know the contestants by the time the producers have to pick someone. Crawley's men are being recast anyways, so all of that is up in the air.

More to come when filming starts. I'm still excited: Go Clare!!

Clare Crawley is The Bachelorette.

Crawley was announced as our new Bachelorette on an episode of Good Morning America. Crawley's been on many a Bachelor show before: Juan Pablo Galavis' season, then the inaugural Bachelor in Paradise as well as its second season, then again on 2018's Bachelor Winter Games. But if you're a recent convert to the show, you might not know her quite as well.

However, this will still make for compelling TV for a couple reasons. First, as much as Crawley can sometimes divide fans, she does have people who really like her. Much like Bachelorette Hannah Brown, people either loved, or loved to hate, her. Second, Crawley is 38, about to be 39. This is highly unusual, considering the shows' choices to skew younger. Third: Crawley is highly passionate, has a strong personality, falls in love quickly, and doesn't take sh*t. See also what might be her most iconic show moment:

If you aren't familiar, this is Crawley now:

The original contestants were...quite young.

Get this—one of them is 23. 23. 23 years old. That is clearly designed for maximum drama:

Although to be honest...that's a lot of dudes in their 20s. I get that age differences aren't necessarily a dealbreaker, but my hope is that the Bachelorette's age isn't handled gracelessly, as if she's constantly having to apologize for being older. 

We also know one location date will be in Chattanooga, TN, and one country they'll be traveling to is Iceland.

Keep watching this space...

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