When Does Clare Crawley's 'The Bachelorette' Season Film in 2020?

I cannot wait.

Clare Crawley
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Now that it's official that Clare Crawley is the next Bachelorette—people have thoughts, but many of them are positive—the question becomes: When will she begin filming, and for how long? The production schedule for the show is even tighter than that of The Bachelor (there's a reason most of the leads come out of the show saying they're exhausted!). But on the plus side, the faster Crawley films her season, the more quickly we'll get the drama delivered straight to our eyeballs. Here's what we know, and we'll update if it changes.

When does filming start?

According to Reality Steve, Crawley will begin filming on Friday, March 13. That is so soon. We know that some of the initial filming will include her intro package (Hannah Brown filmed hers at her alma mater, the University of Alabama) and then she'll get into the intensity of the Bachelor Mansion. Also according to Reality Steve, the show will film in Chattanooga, TN, and then Iceland for an international date. 

When does filming end?

For Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season, Brown finished shooting as late as early May (with a start in late March), and then her season premiered on May 13. Which meant that she filmed her finale, and then the premiere aired almost immediately afterwards. This is very different than The Bachelor, which wraps in November and premieres in January. But, put another way, it still does mean that the Bachelorette and her chosen significant other will have three months or so before the finale airs, potentially in July.

Obviously they'd have to keep their meetings super-secret so as not to spoil the ending, but it also means they actually get to, you know, spend some time together when the cameras aren't rolling. Let the drama begin! 

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