Netflix's New Show 'Too Hot to Handle' Is Your Next Guilty Pleasure

Of course I'm tuning in.

If you, like me, are intrigued by the conquests of people who unabashedly describe themselves as a 10 on the hotness scale, Netflix's latest reality showToo Hot To Handle, is for you. 

The show's premise? Ten beautiful people are left on a tropical island and told they can't hook up, lest they lose money. Of course, I'm tuning in.

A mysterious robot (similar to Amazon's Alexa) monitors the contestants' exploits warning them they aren't allowed to kiss or have sex during their time there—no matter how tempted they are. Each time they take a sexual risk, their stockpile prize of $100,000 depletes by an unknown number. The idea is to have the contestants form deeper connections by exploring each other's minds, not each other's bodies. Revolutionary!

Apparently, this is all made significantly harder because they are all so hot. The show's poster could easily double for CW show about rich kids stranded in paradise (so all CW shows).

Naturally, a lot of people have thoughts on the trailer, including this guy:

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If this idea leaves you thinking, "Okay, this is like Love is Blind but without the pods and and with people with accents" then you are correct.

Netflix's latest dating reality show will premiere on April 17.

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(Image credit: Aline Arruda/Netflix)

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