'Million Dollar Beach House' Will Be Your Next Reality TV Addiction

Step aside, Selling Sunset!

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If you absolutely loooove Selling Sunset (and I know you do), chances are you'll also loooove this news. Coming to you August 26, Netflix's new Million Dollar Beach House promises to be the new frothy, fun real estate drama you need in your life right now. But instead of West Coast listings, we'll be following brokers from the firm Nest Seekers, which caters to clients vying for some of the hottest properties in the nation: Mansions on the coast of the Hamptons in Long Island, NY. As such, it'll probably be a very different vibe, although frankly there'll likely be plenty of crazy parties and intense infighting between the brokers. So what do we know so far? Spoiler alert: not that much yet, but we don't have long to wait!

Million Dollar Beach House will follow five real estate brokers. 

According to Netflix's description of the show, the first season will span the (insane) summer months of Hamptons real estate competition, focusing on five brokers whose job sounds frankly exhausting:

Million Dollar Beach House is a bird’s eye view into the day-to-day life of the Hampton’s youngest and most exclusive group of real estate agents, documenting their private lives and posh coastline listings. With 2,500 realtors working the Hamptons market, earning a listing is fierce competition. Nest Seekers reps to-die-for, multi-million-dollar properties and not without personal drama between agents. Throughout the series, five brokers hustle from Memorial Day to Labor Day to buy and sell properties for their clients. From appeasing sellers who are unhappy with home staging to cutthroat open houses where agents are going after each other’s clients, Million Dollar Beach House has all the views, all the schmooze, and brokers with a lot to lose.

Also, OF COURSE, there'll be gorgeous mansions to ogle.

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Where's the Million Dollar Beach House trailer?

It's just been released, and looks appropriately dramatic:

If you feel like getting an early glimpse of some of the properties that'll be on offer, just check out their website and wish you had millions of dollars to spare on some of these devastatingly beautiful properties.

I'm sure more is coming about the show, so stay tuned.

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