The Best Memes About The Weeknd's Super Bowl Performance

So. Many. Bandages.

the weeknd super bowl memes
(Image credit: Kevin Mazur)

The meme world is off to a slow (if still utterly delightful) start in 2021. So far, the only viral moment with any real legs has been Bernie Sanders' perfectly curmudgeonly attitude (and homemade mittens!) at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' inauguration at the end of January. But fear not: The next wave of the year's best memes are already rolling in, thanks to the Super Bowl and, more specifically, The Weeknd's wildly over-the-top halftime performance.

During his set (to which he contributed millions of dollars from his own pocket), the artist formerly known as Abel Tesfaye ran through pretty much all of his biggest hits while sporting a bedazzled red blazer and black leather gloves. "Can't Feel My Face"? Check. "Starboy"? Check. "Blinding Lights"? Check (duh). Throughout it all, The Weeknd moved from a classic stage setup to a disconcerting hall of mirrors. When he returned to the football field, he was surrounded by a veritable army of dancers with their faces wrapped in white bandages, a look that The Weeknd himself has sported in recent months as part of his ongoing work of concept art that he calls "The Character" (more on that here).

In sum, it was about 15 minutes' worth of ideal fodder for memes. Here are some of the best takes on The Weeknd's mystifying performance.

Andrea Park

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