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What We're Reading: The Lost and Forgotten Languages of Shanghai

Courtesy of St. Martin's Press

This week, a new novel has us thanking our lucky stars that we speak the same language as our loved ones…

The Lost and Forgotten Languages of Shanghai

Author: Ruiyan Xu, who moved to the U.S. from Shanghai when she was 10 — she says this experience informs much of the story in this debut novel.

Genre: "Can you imagine?!" lit

What Happens: Li Jing, a successful young Chinese businessman, suffers severe head injuries when a massive gas explosion tears through a Shanghai hotel. Li is left with a rare condition that leaves him unable to speak Chinese — he can now only communicate in broken English, which his son and wife do not speak. When a divorced American neurologist is flown into China to work with Li, his growing dependence on her (and vice versa, as she's unable to communicate directly with pretty much anyone, either) may lead to more than just a doctor-patient friendship.

When to Read It: When you feel like you're not getting through to your husband. (Hell, could be worse!)

St. Martin's, October 12, $24.99

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