The 11 Best Reality TV Shows of 2022 (So Far)

We've got a lot to look forward to.

reality shows 2022
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Reality TV can no longer be considered a guilty pleasure. What was once discussed solely on message boards or in hushed debate around the water cooler has now evolved to be considered case studies of human nature. Now it seems that everyone watches reality TV out loud, praising their favorite stars on Twitter and making podcasts about the history of the art form. All of this is thanks to the last decade of innovative new reality shows that are fun to watch and make you think.

The new reality shows coming out in 2022 are no different. While several beloved franchises are coming back, there are also new shows and docuseries that will shine a light on life experiences we may have never seen. Ahead, some of the best reality TV to check out this year.

'The Bachelor'

After a tumultuous, franchise-changing year, The Bachelor is back with a return to the status quo. The contestants are back in the mansion and the lead is Clayton, a sweet clean-slate of a Bachelor from Michelle's season. The new host, former football player Jesse Palmer, is filling Chris Harrison's shoes. For anyone who's been missing the pre-pandemic Bachelor, this season's definitely one to watch.


'Joe Millionaire: For Richer of For Poorer'

The 2003 reality show Joe Millionaire existed in a whole different world: There was no social media where contestants to sleuth out whether or not the lead was actually rich. (MySpace wasn't even founded until seven months after its premiere.) So bringing it back for 2022 was a bold move. In the revival, there are two leads, one a millionaire and one working class, and the contestants have to suss out which is which while also trying to fall in love (minus the woman who immediately got eliminated after recognizing one of the men from Hinge). 


'Too Hot to Handle'

Our favorite abstinence-promoting dating show is returning for its third season, with a new group of beautiful people being stopped in their tracks by an AI babysitter named Lana. Season 3 has the most rowdy contestants yet, all struggling to not have sex in a Turks and Caicos vacation villa.


'My Mom, Your Dad'

If getting involved in your mom or dad's love life doesn't sound like the most awkward thing ever, this new dating show is for you. For the adult contestants, My Mom, Your Dad is like Bachelor in Paradise for an older crowd. Little do they know that their kids are watching them date behind the scenes, and manipulating events to either get them closer or steer them away from their dates.


'Remix My Space with Marsai Martin'

Black-ish and Little star Marsai Martin hosts this new room-renovation show. For each episode, the young phenom surprises other teens doing big things in their communities and designs their dream space with the help of women designers and carpenters.


'Selling the Hamptons'

You might recognize the realtors of Discovery+'s new answer to Selling Sunset on Netflix's short-lived Million Dollar Beach House. For this show, the agents of Nest Seekers International turn up the drama as they sell mansions in the popular East-Coast vacation hamlet, the Hamptons, during a market surge that led to record-high sales.


'Take Out with Lisa Ling'

In this six-part series, CNN journalist Lisa Ling gives America's Asian restaurants the documentary treatment, introducing viewers to some of the people and families who run them. The series will showcase the family-run joints that support whole communities and serve as the less-recognized backbone of the American food industry.

Premiere: Jan. 27

'Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness'

Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness has turned his hit podcast into a new show, following the personality as he explores a variety of topics including wig-making, ice skating, entomology (bug science). For the show, Van Ness wants to honor his "relentless curiosity;" anyone who feels the same should definitely check it out.

Premiere: Jan. 28

'Love Off the Grid'

reality shows 2022

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This new 90 Day Fiancé-esque dating show will explore whether love can survive outside of civilization. Four average people move in with their significant others who are homesteaders, people who live off the grid without running water or electricity. Will the couples thrive in their new circumstances, or will their radically-different lifestyles break them up?

Premiere: Jan. 30 on Discovery+

'Love is Blind'

The Netflix dating show and social experiment Love is Blind is finally coming back with a new set of singles ready to fall in love sight unseen. If you somehow missed the first season, the participants who couple up after meeting in the pods, having never seen each other, have a month to get married once they meet, proving whether or not love can truly be blind.

Premiere: Feb. 11

'Indian Matchmaking'

reality shows 2022

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Another Netflix favorite dating show is returning this year, following elite Indian matchmaker Sima Taparia as she guides a new set of clients toward a perfect match. Though details are scarce so far, we can't wait for new episodes.

Premiere: TBD

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