You Know That "Enlighten Me" Moment in 'Fifty Shades'? Now You Can See the Whole Scene

At this rate, you won't need to buy a movie ticket.

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Well, the Fifty Shades people are certainly being very generous with those scenes. Following "If Slasher Movies Had Meet-Cutes" and "Excellent Internship Program," Today has released "I Don't Do Romance," starring topless Christian Grey. It's like an advent calendar when you get something that doesn't have nuts!

Here's a summary: Post-coital Ana asks Christian why she's in his bed wearing what is presumably the shirt stolen off his back. Um, hello? This somehow seems like a good time for Christian to tell her he sent her some books as an apology—that first edition of Tess of the d'Urbervilles, probably—because his tastes are very singular and none of them have to do with feelings.

Check out the clip below, if only for 0:23.

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