Where Was 'Perfect Match' Filmed?

You can book the villa for your own getaway.

still from perfect match season 1
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Netflix's latest hit Perfect Match has joined the ranks of the "hot single people flirt in a luxurious villa" genre of reality TV. In addition to gathering a cast of alums from shows including Love Is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, and The Circle, the show also found a huge stunning house for the Perfect Match cast to populate, with a new locale standing in for the show's tropical paradise.

Read on for everything we know about where Perfect Matched was filmed, including how fans can rent out the villa for their own group getaway.

The show's based in Panama City, Panama.

The luxurious house where Perfect Match is filmed is located on a small cliff at the edge of a rainforest in Playa Bonita, a resort town in Panama City. It's about 20 minutes from the downtown area, and though the house itself is not a beachfront property, it's pretty close to the beach were the contestants did some of the compatibility challenges.

The six-bedroom villa is available to book.

It turns out that Perfect Match had a maximum of six matches at a time mostly out of necessity. According to Rental Escapes, the opulent house, named Casa Naga, has a total of six bedrooms and eleven bathrooms, as well as amenities including an infinity pool, a game room, and a bar and lounge area. Each room also has its own unique architecture, and the whole house’s design is a mix of "Balinese classical architecture and Panamanian culture."

You can even take a trip to the villa yourself, for a whopping $6,000 to $8,000 per night. Per the Rental Escapes listing, they offer all-inclusive packages that include food and drinks at the fully-staffed house as well as dining in the six-restaurants in the Westin Hotel Playa Bonita, which a five-minute walk from Casa Naga. (There's also an Instagram for the property in addition to its standalone website, though it hasn't been updated for a while.)

Perfect Match was filmed in early 2022.

Here's the breakdown for anyone who's curious about where Perfect Match falls within the filming timeline of Netflix's other dating shows (and the contestants' pre- and post-show relationships). According to Natalie Lee, who opened up about how the show affected her and Shayne Jensen's relationship in a January Instagram Story, both she and Shayne were approached for casting in late 2021. The former fiancées were dating at the time, but she says that Shayne took the opportunity to be on Perfect Match anyway. She also added that Shayne filmed the show in February 2022, shortly after they saw reach other at the taping of their After the Altar special. The timeline matches up since, per Decider, Shayne actually mentioned that he was thinking of taking a trip to Panama during After the Altar.

Meanwhile, Bartise Bowden revealed all of his filming dates for his season of Love Is Blind and Perfect Match in an Instagram Q&A last January. According to him, Perfect Match was filmed in March 2022, while Love Is Blind season 3 was filmed in May 2021, After the Altar was in August 2022, and the reunion episode was filmed when the show premiered that November. So it looks like it's been around a year since the Perfect Match crew's time at the villa.

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