Who is Natalie From 'Love is Blind' Season 2?

You'll see a lot of the Chicago native in the third season of Netflix's dating experiment.

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Never mind Valentine's Day—it's Love Is Blind season! The first four episodes of season two of Netflix's hit dating experiment dropped on February 11, 2022, and one cast member that immediately makes a connection is Natalie Lee, a 29-year-old consulting manager. The Chicago resident is open about what she's looking for, and is determined to find someone who has a similar lifestyle. While you binge the first batch of Love Is Blind episodes, get to know her.

She works as a consulting manager.

Natalie Lee is a consulting manager who lives in Chicago and comes from a Korean family. When asked what she would tell the love of her life, she said, "I would tell them I have IBS and I go to the bathroom five times a day, but, hopefully, he loves me for who I am and is still willing to get married to me!"

In the first episode, she says that she's more loud, outgoing, career-oriented, and opinionated, and that her dates would be surprised at her personality because of how she looks, mentioning stereotypes about Asian women being quiet and submissive. She also notes that her work is very important to her, and her husband would have to be okay with that and be willing to attend work events.

She's a foodie and loves to travel.

Natalie's Instagram includes several pics and videos of her travel adventures, including trips to Hawaii, Budapest, Portugal, and Tanzania among other locales. She also has a Story highlight called "phone eats" filled with pics of meals. (She has a taste for caviar.

She shares lots of pics of her family and cousins.

Natalie's feed also has lots of appearances from her friends and family, including her cousins. It also looks like she celebrated the engagement of one of her cousins last year. Maybe she was able to give some wedding-planning pointers.

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