15 Comfortable Travel Shoes for Your Next Vacation

Decisions, decisions.

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Blisters. The worst thing that could possibly happen to you while traveling (aside from missing your flight or forgetting your passport). You know the feeling: five blocks into your walk to the top museum/breathtaking vista/historical site, your heels start to throb, your toes pinch together, and death (for your feet) seems imminent.

Avoid this issue altogether by actually packing shoes you know won't hurt your feet. Yes, those strappy stilettos are cute, but are they comfortable? I think not. Opt instead for stylish sneakers, sandals with a kitten heel, and cushioned slides. Bring one of the guaranteed-not-to-make-you-limp pairs from each of the three categories below, and you'll be set footwear-wise—no matter what you've decided to do with your days off.

Your “I’m Going Sightseeing” Shoes

Your Semi-Fancy “I'm Heading to Dinner” Shoes

Your “I'm Ready for Instagram” Shoes

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