Ariana Grande and Gigi Hadid's Reebok Campaign Is Pure Fire

Gal Gadot and Danai Gurira show up, too.

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If you’ve been avoiding the gym at all costs for fear of someone judging your leggings with the hole in the crotch and your once-white-now-gray sports bra, Reebok’s new campaign will give you all of the gymwear inspo you could ever need. The celebrity-filled #BeMoreHuman Rebook shoot features Ariana Grande and Gigi Hadid alongside Gal Gadot and Danai Gurira, all looking next-level fierce.

If Wonder Woman herself, a Black Panther star, the God Is A Woman preacher, and a real life Hadid all approve a fashion range, you know it’s got to be pretty good.

The kickass campaign sees the four members of female celeb royalty joining together to support the beauty in imperfection, and celebrate the value of being far from superhuman. All while wearing really great, form-fitting athleisure wear, obviously.

In the accompanying short videos for the new Reebok hashtag, Gigi shows off her best boxing technique as she says: “I always try where I can to step out of my comfort zone, I think being more human is realizing no one wakes up feeling like a superhero. You have to find things on a daily basis that inspire you and that make you happy and feel creative, feel like you want to get out in the world and make a difference."

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Newly engaged Ariana, looking adorable per usual while showing off some dance moves says it's about pushing yourself further. “What it means to be human is being as accepting as possible of yourself, and evolving," she tells the camera. "We’re never done.”

Meanwhile, Danai is all about the girl power, stating: "There's nothing more powerful than women celebrating each other. The connection of sisterhood to me is profoundly crucial to how we can actually self-empower through seeing each other's greatness, through validating the other, being the rock to another. You actually are empowering yourself as you empower one another."

If I had these women calling me up every morning to go to the gym with them, I might actually go more than once a year.

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