Kylie Jenner's Purse Closet Tour Is So Extra, but Also I Want Her Chanel Bags

Baby Stormi will have access to every one.

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I have three, maybe four, designer bags in my closet that I've saved up my paychecks to buy. They're my prize possessions—a small, ostensible sign that says "Hey, I sort of made it!" So, I understand a person's love or even slight obsession with their handbags. But, all this doesn't come nearly as close, of course, as to the fortune of bags Kylie Jenner has amassed. In a three-minute YouTube video, the star takes her fans on a tour in her purse closet—one that she had custom built. (It looks like a bright, shiny museum inside.)

Before you even watch the video, you're probably thinking "This is so extra," and you're right. Nevertheless, Jenner isn't just anyone. She's part of the Kardashian family, and they're known for their extravagant, lavish tastes. (Here's a quick flashback to Jenner's 21st birthday party over the weekend.) Jenner's salary alone—she makes $19,007 an hour and her Instagram posts are reportedly worth $1 million—can afford her to buy all the Hermès Birkin bags she wants. And, if you watch the video, she has plenty of them.

If you don't want to watch the video, get the CliffNotes version of the tour, below.

The opening shot of her purse closet.

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(Image credit: Youtube user kyliejenner)

Her favorite row contains Hermès bags.

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(Image credit: Youtube user kyliejenner)

If Jenner's house was on fire, she'd save this Birkin bag.

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(Image credit: Youtube user kyliejenner)

Her sister Kourtney gave her this hot pink style.

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(Image credit: Youtube user kyliejenner)

"She never really cares about Christmas gifts, so when she gave me this, it was really special," Jenner says in the video. "This one I definitely will let Storm wear when she says 'Mommy, I want to carry a purse.'"

Kris Jenner gave these Louis Vuitton bags to Kendall and Kylie when they were "super babies."

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(Image credit: Youtube user kyliejenner)

Jenner also got this custom artsy bag from her mom because "she knows how obsessed I am with her."

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(Image credit: Youtube user kyliejenner)

The bespoke Xupes x Zero London Louis Vuitton handbag is one piece from a wider collaborative collection between the British pre-owned luxury retailer, Xupes, and London-based art collective Year Zero London.

Watch the full three-minute purse closet tour, below.

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