Dogs Wore Couture During NYFW and the Photos Are Unmissable

The runway models we deserve.

Anthony Rubin, New York Fashion Week
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"In my world, humans are the accessories." That's from Anthony Rubio, a.k.a. the Pet Couturier, who designs both womenswear and "canine couture." At New York Fashion Week on Sunday, Anthony Rubio sent both dogs and models down the runway, which led to a series of photos I'll be printing off and taping to my mood board, thank you very much.

"Why should the owners be the only ones to look fashionable?" Rubio told of his Spring/Summer 2019 collection. "After all, the pups are the first to be noticed." (I can back Rubio up here: I just adopted a dog, and now my neighbors greet him by name without so much of a glance at me.)

At the very end of Rubio's show, he brought out a golden Lab named Sunny, also known as the Today show's Puppy With a Purpose. Sunny, for his part, wore an Art Deco vest with gold sequins.

This is Rubio's seventh time showcasing his custom-made "canine couture" in New York Fashion Week. In a statement about the show, Rubio noted that both human and canine models "not only strutted in full glory, but dedicated time to really get to know one another and bring about a seamless show."

Here are some of the now well-acquainted models, both human and dog.

Arun NevaderGetty Images
Arun NevaderGetty Images
Arun NevaderGetty Images
Arun NevaderGetty Images

And here's Sunny the Lab with Rubio and his embellished vest, because of course you wanted to see him as well.

Arun NevaderGetty Images

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