Gucci Wants Gen Z to Feel Seen Through Art and, Yes, Zines

The fashion house has revealed the next phase of its CHIME FOR CHANGE campaign.

After releasing a new report on how Gen Z—people born in the mid-1990s through the mid-200s—feels about gender fluidity (spoiler: 82 percent of Gen Zs strongly agree that organizations have a responsibility to support marginalized groups, including those who don't conform to a specific gender), Gucci's CHIME FOR CHANGE is focusing on its next chapter with a "To Gather Together" campaign.

“Gucci is proud to reaffirm our commitment to a more just and equitable world," says Gucci President and CEO Marco Bizzarri. "Achieving gender equality is critical to securing our collective future, and we are dedicated to leveraging our creative power, global employee engagement, and support for non-profit projects to ignite conversation and help empower the next generation of leaders."


Gucci - Show and Finale - Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019

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Gucci hopes to continue a global conversation with the creation of Gucci ArtWalls by Italian artist MP5 and Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele. Each wall features silhouettes of genderless figures in London, Milan, New York, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The fashion house also presented a short film at the Sundance Film Festival produced by Jade Jackman and Irregular Labs called The Future is Fluid, which explores what gender means to young people across the world.

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"One of the ways that I think we need to be looking at educating society and educating people is to have them understand the gender spectrum because you can't accept something without understand it first," explains one of the individuals in the video. The seven-minute film also includes stories of harassment and discrimination gender-fluid people face in our society today.

In addition to the murals and video, Gucci also tapped into a major component of the Gen Z DNA—zines!—for activists, artists, and writers to speak about gender equality and self-expression. It will be distributed in NYC's Gucci Wooster Bookstore, the Gucci Garden in Florence, select bookstores, and universities in Belgium, Finland, France, Israel, Italy, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States. You can download a digital copy here.

CHIME FOR CHANGE has worked with more than 400 non-profits over the past six years and will continue to partner with organizations like Equality Now, UNICEF, and UN Women to reach a global audience. To learn more about Gucci's mission to create gender equality across the world, click the button below.


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