Katie Holmes Is Stunning in Head-to-Toe Pink in a Suit by Famed Australian Designer Zimmermann

In Australia helping to raise funds for McHappy Day, Katie Holmes is stunning. Her latest, by Australian designer Zimmermann, is head-to-toe pink.

Katie Holmes Visits Ronald McDonald House Westmead
(Image credit: Don Arnold)

Katie Holmes is in Australia for McHappy Day, and she got a chance to visit with families at the Ronald McDonald House Westmead. And she wore the prettiest petal-pink suit while she was there, with a pink tee underneath.

Holmes tagged stylist Allison Bornstein and Australian designer Zimmerman. The suit is Zimmerman's Super Eight Jacket and Wide Leg Trouser.

It's actually quite thoughtful on her end. Since she's in Australia at a public event, she's wearing an Australian designer.

Except for her black pointed-toe pumps, she was basically in head-to-toe pink, and it's lovely. It's springtime in Australia, so that makes her choice even more appropriate.

Unlike the brand's edit, she decided to put something underneath the blazer to make it a little more modest. Considering she's at an event with kids, that makes sense to me.

Instead of white pumps, she went with a darker shoe. Normally I might have just said embrace something light, but looking at her top-to-bottom I actually think it's fine since she has dark hair.

Plus, as you'll see below, she tied the color in with a darker bag that she took off when she got to the event. Honestly, Holmes cannot lose at this point—everything she's worn this year becomes an instant fashion classic.

Here's a look at the full outfit:

Katie Holmes Visits Ronald McDonald House Westmead

(Image credit: Brendon Thorne)

And here's Zimmerman's edit of the lewk, courtesy of Marie Claire Australia:

Holmes also shared a photo of herself accessorizing with a fab leopard bag, which ties in with the shoes and offers a nice bit of visual contrast to the femininity of the rest of the outfit:

I looove it.

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