Katie Holmes Rocking a Western Fringe Jacket Is the Energy I Needed Today

Traveling to Sydney, Australia, this week, Katie Holmes donned a fabulous Western fringe jacket that is a perfect standout piece.

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Katie Holmes has landed in Sydney, Australia, as ambassador for McHappy Day (going on this Saturday, to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities), wearing what can only be described as a Western-themed airplane outfit that looks both comfy and put-together (as all airplane outfits should be). I usually wouldn't go for something so...themed, but I kinda want to see if I can pull this off?

The jacket is the Khaite Jimmy Fringed Suede Western Shirt and, obviously, can totally be worn as a jacket. Though I'd love to see someone just go fully out there and where it buttoned up as a shirt—someone, seriously, do this for me. Khaite is one of Holmes' beloved brands, so it makes sense that if she's going to play around with her look that she'd do in it a brand she loves. Plus, she can totally wear it year-round—can you imagine how cool this would be in the spring?

The star matched her tan bag to the jacket, and polished off the look with light blue straight-leg jeans (very in for fall), black heeled mules, a white top, and neutral gold jewelry. AND she went makeup-free, it looks like, and is rocking that healthy glow I've been wanting my whole life.

Here's the full look:

Am I about to be convinced into getting a fringe jacket? Am I??

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