Meghan Markle Rewears the Zodiac Necklace With Archie's Sign as She Attends an Event

Yesterday as spotted in Canada, Meghan Markle conducted two public engagements wearing her Suetables Vanessa pendant with Archie's zodiax sign on it.

  • Yesterday as spotted in Canada, Meghan Markle conducted two public engagements wearing her Suetables Vanessa pendant with Archie's zodiax sign on it.
  • The pendant is still available, and was a subtle sign of love for the young mom, even while she and Prince Harry are very busy right now.
  • Meghan's first appearance since stepping down as a senior royal was for a really sweet cause.

After the news broke that Meghan Markle did two (not officially royal but charitably focused) outings in Canada yesterday, eagle-eyed fans noticed that she was rewearing an important piece of jewelry: the Suetables Vanessa pendant that has son Archie Harrison's zodiac sign (Taurus)!

It's such a lovely and subtle shoutout: She and Prince Harry are spending time apart while Harry conducts some official royal outings in the United Kingdom. Meghan is at home watching over baby Archie but still has time to focus on non-profit work (which I love). So she has her son close to her heart while both parents are busy.

UPDATE: It also looks like Meghan's earrings are a rewear as well—this is apparently the third time she's worn the Hera Earrings by Emily Mortimer Jewellery and not the first time she's worn earrings from the brand. They're (gorgeous) gold and diamond studs at £595.

The last time Meghan wore the zodiac necklace was in November 2019 during a royal outing, during which she also wore another Suetables pendant necklace for Harry (Aries), which is also adorable. At the time, Suetables was quick to ID which necklaces she was wearing and which sign was which. The Vanessa pendant is $39 in silver and $159 in 10k gold—in Canadian dollars, which means it's even less in USD. The Taurus (and a number of other signs) are available, so you're welcome, is what I'm saying.

Here's the picture from yesterday's event:

And you can also spot it in this black-and-white photo that Justice for Girls shared:

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She (and the necklace and earrings) look gorgeous.

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