The Item I Wear to Death: My Valentino Tango Pumps

The one pair of heels that do not fall into my dust-collecting category are my Valentino Tango pumps. They are worth the investment, here's why.

Jeans, Clothing, Footwear, Street fashion, Leg, Denim, Shoe, Ankle, Fashion, Knee,
Jeans, Clothing, Footwear, Street fashion, Leg, Denim, Shoe, Ankle, Fashion, Knee,
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In our biweekly series, editors share "the item they wear to death," whether it be a basic white tee or a super-trendy jumpsuit. Prepare yourself (and your credit card) for some guilt-free shopping.

Let's be open and honest here: I really don't wear heel heels anymore. I have a few pairs of three-inchers that I keep under my desk for easy access just before meetings, but I don't have the patience or foot stamina to wear them much farther than the walk from my desk to the elevator bank and back. They're so pretty! But most are not practical. Thankfully I have one pair of heels that doesn't fall into this dust-collecting category: my Valentino Tango pumps.

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(Image credit: Tyler Joe)

I bought these Valentino Mary Janes nearly five years ago after seeing my former boss at frequently mix and match them with a closetful of outfits. Not only have they held up in the half-decade I've been wearing them thanks to the sturdy patent leather exterior, but they also still garner me compliments almost every time I wear them.

Unlike the heels that live under my desk, the Tango pumps are commute-friendly thanks to the solid two-and-a-half inch block heel and secure ankle strap, which means I can wear them straight from my apartment to the office (plus any stops along the way) without having to do a sidewalk shoe-swap. They're also comfortable. Like, you can take the subway, dash across the street, give a presentation wearing them levels of comfortableIf I walked into Rihanna's New York Fashion Week Fenty show only to discover it wasn't going to start for another hour and would be standing-only whilst wearing these shoes, I wouldn't blink an eye. In fact, that very thing has happened, and I made it out blister-free. 

Valentino Tango Pumps Review

Me and my Tango pumps with Ben Franklin, interviewing Noah Centineo, and during New York Fashion Week.

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As for styling them, I wear them every which way for the office: With fancy shorts, cropped trousers, cuffed jeans, and various dresses. I've worn them to important meetings and interviews and after-work events. They're also my go-to party shoe, versatile enough for a cocktail dress or even a gown for a black-tie event. I love having a shoe I can grab out of the closet and know it will instantly upgrade any outfit—so much so that I just bought a second pair in suede from The RealReal. Shop some of my favorite options, below.

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