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Swap Logo Bags for These Logo Belts

Buckle down your look with a statement accessory that speaks for itself.

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Effortlessly chic and—relative to other luxury goods, less expensive—belts bearing the insignia of their fashion house are our latest accessory obsession. From the vintage-inspired, gold hardware options at Givenchy to the celebrity favorite namesake belt from Hermés, there's a logo belt for every occasion, whether you want to dress your look up or keep it pared down. We spoke with Richard Ives, owner of the vintage store Pilgrim New York, to learn more about the trend.

Marie Claire: How is a logo belt a game-changing styling tool?

Richard Ives: A designer bag can easily elevate any outfit, and so does a logo belt. A vintage Chanel belt can make a white T-shirt and black pants a complete “Chanel” look. A new Gucci belt can update a vintage floral dress or wide-leg jeans.

MC: Why is a logo belt a great alternative accessory to a logo-adorned bag?

RI: Logo belts are timeless and represent luxury. Both new and vintage, they are less of a commitment (money- and brand-wise) than a designer bag. They can be more whimsical or subtle too.

MC: What belt trends do you foresee?

RI: Maybe it’s time for the double-wrap belt to make a comeback or to reinvent the crocheted ’70s-style belt with a logo buckle. Vintage will always play an important part in influencing design.

MC: How can people incorporate a logo belt into their wardrobe?

RI: Fluidity in fashion has changed the way we think about what is appropriate. Now it’s about what’s right for you individually. You can wear your Valentino logo belt to work or to the grocery store. Nothing beats a monochromatic look with a great logo belt as your one accessory.

A version of this story appears in the Summer 2020 issue of Marie Claire.

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